Use WordPress to Create a Link Tree for Instagram

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If you own a WordPress website you are in luck, you can make your own Link Tree in minutes using the toolset provided.

Advantages of using your website to host your Link Tree

  1. Drives Traffic to Your Website
  2. Has Your branding, not Linktree branding
  3. Is not confined to Linktree’s limited toolset

How to Design a Link Tree on WordPress

Here is the structure of our Link Tree:

We used the standard WordPress block editor to create ours in a few minutes. Here is how:

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard, Create a New Page named “Social Links” or something else appropriate. Click top right “preview mobile” so you start with “mobile-first” design, as Instagram is mobile-focused.
  2. In page settings, you should have the option to have a page without a header or footer within your theme. Choose this to start with a completely blank page.
  3. in the block editor, Start with an Image block for the profile pic, upload your profile image. Resize it to about 100px x 100px and choose the rounded style option
  4. Then place a paragraph block under this and write your Instagram username/company name.
  5. Add a button block next. These can be anything from social/website links to a podcast, video, webpage or featured content links. The goal here is to give followers quick and simple options for their next steps. When you click on the button you can edit the text the same way as a paragraph block. You can also change the colours in the block options to highlight certain buttons.
  6. To add more buttons next-to the initial one, click the Plus icon on the right of the selected button. To add buttons underneath, add a brand new button block instead.
  7. Adding links to a button is as easy as clicking on a button, clicking on the link icon and then pasting your link into the URL field and pressing “Enter”.
  8. Next is where it gets more interesting, you can add any block you feel will be appropriate for your users. Try to keep it simple and fit it in the mobile view: Latest posts, Mailing list signup (may need plugin), Newest Products (Woocommerce) etc.
  9. To save press “save draft” if it’s not ready to be published or “publish” to save changes and make the page go live.
  10. Copy the Url of your link page once it’s “live” and then paste it into your Instagram bio or if you are a business you can use the Call to Action Button.

Moving Forward

You have your Link Tree on your website, now use a lightweight plugin like WP Statistics to monitor your Website traffic to and from this page. You can gain valuable insights into your followers and what they are engaging with on your website. Looking to drive even more traffic to your website and increase the value of your website? Speak to us about what tools are available to enable your niche business to do just that: Start the Convo