360 Video & Virtual Tours

Thanks for joining me at the BSX expo 2019, please feel free to get in touch with me with any more questions you may have had. Below are some of the major points I covered in my demo.


  • Anyone can make VR/360 video content and tours
  • The entire workflow can be done on your phone via the Streetview app or your 360 camera app.
  • Google Streetview tours are a form of VR that you can access from any device and they are for interior and exterior use.
  • Consumer-grade 360 cameras can be used to generate your own VR videos and virtual tours.
  • Though more time consuming you may even use your phone to create a virtual tour via connected 360 panoramas and the Streetview app.

Equipment used:

  • Insta360 One X camera
  • Insta360 Selfie Stick
  • Rollie tripod for 360 Photos
  • iPhone XR for editing
  • Google Streetview App
  • Matterport Showcase App
  • VR Box for VR viewing from Takealot.com

Useful links for further information:

If you want to get in touch or would like us to do a Virtual Tour of your business/house, please contact us or send an email to 360@chuffed.co.za.

Chuffed Brand Co. is Google Street View Trusted
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