360 Video & Virtual Tours


  • Anyone can make VR/360 video content and tours
  • The entire workflow can be done on your phone via the Streetview app or your 360 camera app.
  • Google Streetview tours are a form of VR that you can access from any device and they are for interior and exterior use.
  • Consumer-grade 360 cameras can be used to generate your own VR videos and virtual tours.
  • Though more time consuming you may even use your phone to create a virtual tour via connected 360 panoramas and the Streetview app.

Equipment used:

  • Insta360 One X camera
  • Insta360 Selfie Stick
  • Rollie tripod for 360 Photos
  • iPhone XR for editing
  • Google Streetview App
  • Matterport Showcase App
  • VR Box for VR viewing from Takealot.com

Useful links for further information:

If you want to get in touch or would like us to do a Virtual Tour of your business/house, please contact us or send an email to 360@chuffed.co.za.

Chuffed Brand Co. is Google Street View Trusted